H1Busa.net presents a unique database of H1B Visa Employers/Sponsors. 

Featuring 425,000+ H1B Visa Jobs in USA. This database is constantly updated and it is a perfect tool for qualified international job seekers.

All presented employers are currently hiring or have hired H1B workers in the past and are aware of the H1B program regulations. Employers presented in the database are processing visa paperwork themselves or using an attorney/agent.


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job databases for the following visa holder categories: J1, H1B, H2B and H2A  


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H2B Visa Jobs Database
Featuring 11,200 + H2B visa sponsors in various fields. Unique database. Useful tool for qualified international job seekers looking for a temporary job in USA.




J1 Training Visa Jobs Database
Featuring an impressive number of J1 Training/Internship host companies. All major industries presented. Easy to use for graduates and qualified jobseekers.  

                                                          Coming Soon

J1 Work & Travel Jobs Database
Featuring 4,300 + J1 visa - employers hiring international students every season.
Full contact details. Easy to use. 


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Many Thanks. Your product is effective. I got a list of employers to contact. (Kintan, India)
So simple to use. I searched only the area where I want to go and found my employer soon. (Valeriy, Ukraine)
It became an informative tool for me. I knew exactly what I need to target. (Milen, Poland) 
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